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Unit 2:24: What Is It And Why Should Police Care?

The 2:24 Unit - What Is It?

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. ~ Genesis 2:24 (NKJV)

Police Marriages are so important that God describes the very first one at the beginning of humankind. Genesis 2:24 describes the first and perfect bulletproof relationship between Adam and Eve.

We call it the 2:24 Unit. When you become one with your spouse, you place them and your marriage above everything else on earth. Yes, that means above the kids, the job, the friends and other family.


We can grow a strong relationship where we support and promote our spouse above and beyond everything and everyone else on earth. Elevating your spouse means you both rise above anything that comes against you - your marriage is bulletproof.

The 2:24 Unit is the ultimate protection against addiction, affairs and all other threats against your marriage. Your marriage will not survive in a house divided, but when the biblical model of a 2:24 Unit is strong, you are fighting back-to-back with your spouse and become tightly woven like Kevlar when shots are fired at either one of you.


The 2:24 Unit keeps life in perspective by balancing priorities. Heroes too often place the job above all else, but this isn't noble, nor is it the design for marriage. When priority is placed on the marriage partnership, every other relationship in life becomes healthier. But that all depends and begins with the 2:24 Unit.

Blue Marriages Matter,

Scott-Leah Silverii

February 22, 2020 in Jacksonville, FLA

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