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Spiritual A, B, C: Rules For Men

Spiritual A, B, C: Rules For Men

Are you living a life outside God’s spiritual A,B,C’s; Accountability, Boundaries, & Consequences

If so, you may still be wondering why your life continues to be one struggle after the next. No matter how hard or bad you want to change, you don’t.

It’s true that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Intending to do something good doesn’t bring healing or change. It only brings more hurt and failure.

Men, we’re naturally resistant to limitations. We like to explore, push and look beyond. While these can be great characteristics, they cannot be what solely drives our life. Everyone needs structure.

If we want true, eternal life-winning change, we need to be accountable, respect established boundaries and understand that there are serious consequences to our actions.

My pastor, Joshua Melancon once told me, “God isn’t going to wink at your indiscretions…

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