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Married My Soulmate? Nope

I didn’t have to break this news to my wife. She already knew. And guess what, she wasn’t upset. Maybe because I also understand I’m not her soulmate either.

Now, before you go feeling sorry for either one of us – Don’t.

The term soulmate has become distorted. Maybe too often and in some weird way has morphed into a definition of emotion superseding that of love. Like this ridiculous claim – “This person is my spouse, but that person is my soulmate.”

Time Travelers

Soulmates don’t exist in a bible-based marriage. God is the center, and alone provides for both spouses. The current soulmate ideal revolves around one person being all that the other person needs to complete them. This is an affront to Christ. God is crystal clear that He is enough.

I recently read an article titled, The 10 Elements of a Soulmate, and was floored by the…

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