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CEO – Show Them God’s Love This Easter: One Word Matters

CEO – Show Them God’s Love

Growing up, my parents, who were good blue collar folks, never took us kids to church. Not even the obligatory Christmas or Easter. We dressed up nice and opened gifts or rummaged through baskets of chocolate, but Christ had no role in the home.

We were not even what our pastor Robert Morris at Gateway Church kindly called a CEO – “Christmas & Easter Only”

This Easter it is so important to pursue the CEO’s in our life. Invite and encourage them to come to church. It doesn’t have to be your church, nor should it be a guilt trip reminding them of their last 364 days of failing to attend a service.

Many people go on Easter Sunday for the first time for many reasons, but all that matters is that they go, and they hear the gospel of Christ.

What good does one day do?

The day Jesus was crucified, was the first time the criminals on either side of Him were in His presence. While one rejected the Him, the other received Christ and entered paradise for his faith.

Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:42-43

We all know a CEO, and at times, been a CEO. This Easter, if the gentle title of CEO fits, make a point to attend a service. If you know a CEO, make a point to invite them to attend a service. It can even be hard to decide what church is right for your, or if asked, which is best on recommended.

Although, there are a month of Sundays, this one day might be the breakthrough. First impressions matter. Consider this choice carefully. While some may enjoy the pomp and circumstance of an elaborate ceremony delivered in Latin, the seeker desperate for God’s word simply needs to hear just that – God’s Word.

You might just be responsible for the one time it takes to know the resurrected Christ. I trust you’ll have a blessed Easter week.

Much Love / Much Respect, Scott


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