Three Months. Twelve Challenges. One Incredible Marriage.

The Police Marriage Academy is an online marriage mentor program for cops and their wives, using biblical principles to build stronger LEO marriages.

Scott and Leah Silverii


Good marriages save more cop lives than body armor.

This FREE course is our gift to your marriage  for the work you do!


"...I placed myself into a coffin called guilt, held a funeral called pain, and buried myself in a grave called shame. It wasn’t until God’s mercy and grace raised me up, brushed me off, and gave me the key to freedom from my past that I was able to live again. I have that key, and I want to give it to you."

Chief Scott Silverii

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About Us

Against the odds is the best way to describe our marriage. I'd spent 12 years undercover and 16 in S.W.A.T, moving from one adrenaline-paced bust to the next.  Lying was as easy as breathing. Leah had no clue what she'd signed on for. 

Twice Monthly Webcasts

Each month, Scott and Leah will teach two lessons based on a series of LEO marriage hot topics.

12 Marriage Challenges

Each week Scott and Leah will send couples a marriage challenge to strengthen communication and intimacy.


Each month, Scott and Leah will hold a LIVE Q&A session to answer any questions about that month's lesson.

Private Online Community

The Blue Marriage private community is for LEOs only. Build friendships and discuss issues that only LEO families can relate to. 

01 -Laws of Marriage

03 - Sex

05 - Money

07 - Kids & Family

09 - Meeting Our Needs

11 - ABCs of Marriage

02 - Watch Your 6

04 - Forgiveness

06 - Communications

08 - Pruning Toxic People

10 - Pain & Healing

12 - Marriage Vision


Kelly and (Lt) Katie Rhodes

Between this course and our faith, our marriage was healed. Anything is possible through Christ!

Police Marriage Academy
Scott & Leah Silverii

Included in the Program

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Cost of Police Marriage Academy

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